About NEW LIFE ® Products and Equipment

The formulation for DOT – Pothole Filler® came about in 1999 and was distributed as NEW LIFE® Pothole Filler in 5-gallon buckets. While this was done successfully for many years, the demand for pothole filler and a long-lasting repair could not be met simply using buckets. As a result, NEW LIFE® Products and Equipment Co. was formed in early 2014 and worked to produce a machine that could dispense liquid pothole filler in a ready-mixed fashion for use instantly in any size area. This rapidly-setting material is already revolutionizing the pothole industry, with repairs that last well in excess of any existing solution.

NEW LIFE® Products and Equipment Co. is now producing bulk material to be used by anyone needing potholes repaired. Each Bulk Unit includes the necessary asphalt emulsion (Part A), aggregate (Part B), Activator, Primer, and Cleaner for dispensing up to 500 gallons of pothole filler with the specific quantity required to fill your pothole.