Customer Testimonials

The following excerpts were taken from the many testimonial letters we have received over the years from customers in different regions of the country.

Board of County Road Commissioners of Allegan County, MI
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"We have been using New Life's DOT–POTHOLE FILLER® for three plus years. We are using it to patch surface holes in concrete decks on bridges. The fast and simple application of this product makes it very affordable. You can open the road to traffic in less than half an hour. We had been using a fast setting concrete mix. It was time consuming and short lived. Your product is very durable and affordable. Thank you.""

 — Dale Tuffelmire, Superintendent of Maintenance, Allegan County Road Commission

Street Services Department, City of Dallas, TX
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"Repairs to streets and alleys is one of the primary daily operations of street departments, and the City of Dallas is no exception. Dallas has 11,330 lane miles of streets and over 900 miles of paved alleys."

Potholes and pavement deterioration due to age, traffic, and water intrusion into the base and sub-base demand that we look for new technologies, equipment and materials to repair the problems quickly, at a reasonable cost, and make repairs that will be long lasting and will not require return repair trips."

"New Life's DOT–POTHOLE FILLER® has been used to repair asphalt defects, wide cracks in pavements, as well as repair to concrete streets. The first repair areas have now been in place over two years. Repairs have been done in varying weather conditions and this material has not failed. The department has purchased a sizable order of the product and is currently preparing to purchase a second order."

"Long range plans include a price agreement for the product which will be used for asphalt street and alley repair, carried by all crack sealing crews for large wide crack repair, temporary scaling repairs to concrete (which if dusted with portland cement, may become permanent), and inclement weather repairs."

 — Coy Evans, Street Operations Manager, City of Dallas

Virginia Department of Transportation, Richmond, VA
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"The Virginia Department of Transportation has completed its review of New Life's DOT–POTHOLE FILLER®. It was placed on Rt. 60 and evaluated for a year. New Life's product was recommended for use for low volume roads and will be amended on the Special Products Evaluation List (SPEL) from REJECT to ACCEPT with the following stipulation."

"The product may be used on roadways with an annual traffic count of no more than 13,000 vehicles per day with six per cent trucks meeting FHWA class 5 or greater. Thank you for your product submittal."

 — Ginger Bogan, V-DOT Materials Office

Capitol Facility Operations, State of Michigan
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"We have used the New Life DOT–POTHOLE FILLER® at the Capitol parking lot and it has been in before fall of 2008. We have used the material in the entrance traffic lanes to the Capitol parking lot. We used it in the high traffic lanes where some potholes had formed and it has held up very well. We have patched over concrete where the concrete drive meets the asphalt. These traffic lanes get vehicle traffic as well as armored truck traffic."

"We are also testing it in some alligator asphalt areas to see how it holds up in another parking lot. This is much more promising than the cold patch that pops out during the winter months during the freeze thaw cycles we go through in the mid Michigan winters. Cold patch lasts about 30 days in winter if we are lucky."

"The New Life product has held tightly in the high traffic areas we have tested and it is continuing to hold up strong. It has not popped out or loosened in any of the applications. This appears to be a very stable product and we look forward to further application of the product."

 — Matt White, Assistant Facility Director, Capitol Facility Operations

United Building Center, Grawn, MI
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"We have used New Life's DOT–POTHOLE FILLER® at our branch of UBC and have had very good results. We have very large delivery trucks that are very tough on our pavement. We filled 2 of our worst potholes with the New Life product and we have had excellent results. The pothole repairs have stood up with no sign of deterioration at all. These potholes previously required annual attention with the patching material we were previously using."

"We have since purchased 2 additional loads of the product for the repairing of potholes in our yard parking lot. We feel the money we save by using New Life's product will be substantial over the coming years. Should this product continue to perform in a highly satisfactory manner, I will recommend to other branch locations in our one billion dollar company that this is a product that performs well for their pothole problems. It is a product unlike anything else I have seen or used and my results have been very positive. Based on my initial experience using this product, I recommend the use if this product as a very good solution to chronic pothole problems."

 — Mark Sumption, Manager, UBC

Chicago Diversified Foods Corp., a Franchisee of Taco Bell Corp.
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"I just wanted to send a quick note filled with praise for your DOT–POTHOLE FILLER® product. We have been using your pothole filler to repair our parking lots for over 5 years. The product is easy to use and lasts a very long time."

"For years and years we used cold-patch products which never lasted more than a few weeks or months. I currently have several stores that were repaired with the product and have lasted years! I recommend this product to anyone looking for a durable, affordable solution to pothole problems."

 — Todd Johnson, District Manager, Chicago Diversified Foods Corp.